Season 4

401: Activation Day

In the year 2067, Dr. Noreen Wakeman, a scientist specializing in robotics, battles the police force of Skyway Patrol over the continuation of her “questionable” experiments. But with all honesty, who could blame the Skyway Patrol? After the Armaggedroid Incident, Wakeman can’t be trusted with defensive androids any further. However, with the rise of a new-found alien terror, the stubborn officers may not have a choice in the matter. In order to save the planet, a hero must be born.

402A: Exponential Expulsion

The 100th destruction of the school seems to be the last straw for Vice Principal Ransenski, who expels Jenny from the campus. But that problem will have to wait, because bigger situations loom over the town of Tremorton.

402B: Robotomized

Based on a concept submitted by Lissandro in the Discussion Forums; winner of the Community Vote

After a night of saving the city from an alien invasion, Jenny goes off to celebrate with her friends. But the next morning, she wakes up having lost her personality and her emotions! It's up to Brad and Sheldon to figure out what's wrong with Jenny and how to fix it before the town falls at the hands of the destructive Gearhead.

403A: Rusted In

A fierce thunderstorm hits Tremorton, locking Jenny indoors. However, crime definitely isn’t put on hold. How can Jenny combat the usual waves of crime with all this rain and thunder cramping her style?

403B: Integers, Not Intellectual 

The XJ-Sisters have had it. They want out of the basement, permanently. However, Wakeman is viciously adamant about keeping them deactivated and in the basement. So, the challenge arises: if they can go one normal day without going haywire like their prototype selves, they can remain activated. But, if they fail, it's back to storage!

404A: They Came From Outer Space!

With Jenny, Brad, and Wakeman off to an award ceremony and his dad taking the night shift, Tuck takes the opportunity to watch the "Sci-Fi Movie Madness Marathon 3D" on Channel 87. However, situations start to get a little too real when things start to go bump in the night.....

404B: Adventures in Journalism

With the Mudslinger’s recent release from prison, Jenny keeps a close eye on the criminal on parole. What's he up to? And why does his fellow "Legion of Doom" want revenge?

405A: Next Jen Console

Jenny has played multiple arcade games before, put when she discovers the realm of online video games and a new ability of hers, she becomes addicted. So much so that it starts to get out of hand....

405B: Beach Time Calamity

A summertime heat wave brings gloom to everyone in Tremorton. Time to hit the beach!

406A: Nightmare on the Railways

The annual field trip to the Apollo Space and Science Center is here, and the whole school is pumped as they jump on the Tremorton Express to travel there. However, there is more that meets the eye in this over night trip as Jenny comes to realize that something indeed is going bump in the night.

406B: He Walked the Line

Music these days. It’s just a bunch of noise, isn’t it? One man certainly thinks so, and plans to take action against a new form of shrieking melodies.

407A-413: Synopses Coming Soon!