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**Just get some foam and a cheap pop filter and place them around your microphone. It catches any annoying background hums.

Voice Acting

     The bones of any animation. This job proves to be the most specific of all, as it requires very precise tones and inflections. Nothing short of the best possible will be accepted. Emotions must be presented with a full realization that you are the character; you're not just acting. Again, YOU ARE THE CHARACTER. Visualize that there is no microphone in front of you and you're not just in a room saying lines. You are in the scene. The events playing out are actually happening. IT'S REAL.


1. Pre-viewing of every episode from Season 1-3 (this is to ensure continually in tones and experiences). The entire original series can be purchased on Amazon or iTunes:

2. A similar voice to the character you're auditioning for (this requirement has more of a "you're born with it" quality). However, be aware that there are some new characters that need to be assigned, so don’t worry too much about this requirement otherwise.

3. The ability to convey anger, despair, happiness, content, surprise, etc. all through your voice alone.

4. Pre-viewing of the following video (it explains how to overcome the dreaded symptom of "over-acting"):

5. Patience. Recording sessions take time to complete, and multiple takes will most likely be necessary to achieve the correct tone (it's also the safest method, as it gives sound designers more to work with).

6. A microphone studio** that can record at a nice quality (we don't want fuzzy voices now, do we?). We recommend the Blue Yeti Microphone (you can decide whether to go pro or not. Either mic works great):


1. Download the program "Audacity" (don't worry, it's free):

2. Record yourself performances various voices. Make sure to get a wide range of emotion in there! This is your proof that you're up for the part!

3. Export as an .mp3, .wav, or .m4a file.

4. Send audition file via email after the application form's completion:


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