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2D Animating

     DEFINITELY the most tedious and time-consuming job. This occupation entails taking the designs of the characters and reworking the identical look into various positions and poses, all while creating seamless movement in between. Also, as our leading lady is a transforming, crime-fighting robot, animators must understand various ways of interpreting movement and change in structure (whether it be mechanical or organic). In addition, no animation mishaps are allowed. Each and every final piece of film must be scanned heavily for any mistakes before finalization. Finally, and importantly, there is to be little to absolutely NO tweening animation in the episodes (the "adobe flash" look). The original series used an animation process called "Limited Animation," using a selective frame-by-frame style of motion. In this process, only complex actions receive the full "frame-by-frame" treatment. If a character is somewhat still, the farm-by-frame aspect is reduced greatly, reusing common parts of the character instead of redrawing them. For instance, in an average, non-expressive conversation, characters may only show movement in the face, leaving the body somewhat motionless (with maybe a slight change of position here and there). Ultimately, we will be using this variant of animation, dropping the "adobe-look" entirely.


1. The ability to interpret designs and redraw them in motion, seamlessly.

2. Intense study of the animation style of the original series. Study their expressions, movements, and effects. Jenny has a specific, mechanical transformation style. Fire, smoke, and lasers have unique motions and looks. Mastery of all these and more is essential. The entire original series can be purchased on Amazon or iTunes:

3. The computer program ToonBoom Animate Pro**. We will be working in this program intensively, and with good reason. The program is an incredibly powerful animation program, providing custom aspect ratios, 3D workspaces, instant visual effects, camera tracking, options for custom brushes, etc. However, if you already own an animation program you think is powerful enough to convey various stresses of complex animation, just prove its eligibility and all is well.

4. A computer drawing tablet** for easy production of frames.

 5. Patience. Lots and lots and LOTS of patience.


1a. IF AND ONLY IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A TABLET AND AN ANIMATION PROGRAM**: Choose an already established character in the series (whether it be Jenny, Brad, Tuck, etc. is up to you) and roughly animate them performing a full body motion like walking or jumping. Don't worry, its supposed to be sketchy and lack a finalized appearance. The goal is to prove that you can maintain the style of art/ animation and the structure of the character in motion.

2a. Export as a .mov file (small aspect ratio in order to keep the file small enough for email).

1b. If you don't own the tablet or program already, DON'T BUY IT JUST FOR THE AUDITION**. Instead, take a blank piece of paper and simply draw the animation frames side-by-side one another, kind of like a slide show or flip book.

2b. Scan the images into the computer or take an HD photo of them (you have to be able to see the images, basically).

3. Send audition file via email after the application form's completion:

**FOR THE LOVE OF GOD: Don't buy a program or tablet unless you have been accepted as an animator or are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you want to own it for yourself anyway. It's incredibly expensive.


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