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About My Life as a Teenage Robot: Rebooted

Based on the original television hit, My Life as a Teenage Robot: Rebooted takes place immediately after Season 3 and acts as a direct, fan-made continuation. Set in the year 2072, model XJ-9, or Jenny Wakeman as she prefers, is a crime-fighting, super-powered robot who consistently rescues her hometown of Tremorton from impending dangers, such as monsters, aliens, and even evil sock-puppets! But as she's programmed with the highly sensitive mind of a teenager, she'd rather find herself shopping down at the mall or hanging out with her friends, much to Dr. Nora Wakeman's discontent.  

The Mission

"Back in early 2013, I decided that the world had seen enough cancellations of television hits without any conclusions whatsoever to already established story arcs, specifically in the animation category. There were too many amazing cartoons abandoned and left to die by their own networks, and this needed to be solved. While I couldn't save them all, I knew I could at least go for one. With that in mind, I reviewed multiple cartoons over the course of several months as candidates to receive the grand treatment of a rebooted conclusion. These cartoons had to be cancelled (no legitimate series finale) and included, but were not limited to, Invader Zim, American Dragon: Jake Long, and even The Spectacular Spider-Man. However, one particular series stood proudly out of the crowd: My Life as a Teenage Robot. While arguably not the best cartoon overall, this particular series definitely suffered the worst in cancellation given how much potential I thought it had to really dazzle in a grand finale. With its creative storylines, beautiful yet simple art styles, sophisticated humor, and potential for high drama, the story of Jenny Wakeman was an easy pick to be given the rebooted conclusion of two additional seasons."

-Nathan Altenbern, Head Director and Producer

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