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Apply for a position on the Production Crew today!

Jobs Available:                           Voice Actor

                                                                   Script/Storyboard Writer

                                                                   Character/Background Design

                                                                   2D Animator

                                                                   3D Animator



Got a cool idea but don't want to get all "professional?"

Send us a message instead!


     While these additional two seasons will be completed no matter what, its up to you to establish how long it will take. The more people on-board, the quicker we can push these episodes out there and give the series the proper ending it deserves!

Plus, as an added bonus, you get all the exclusive information on the new episodes that comes with the job!

How awesome is that?!

DISCLAIMER: First and foremost, this will not be an "overnight" project. More than likely, this production will draw out into many, many months (scripting, sound design, animation, and editing takes time, you see). By signing up for a position or voice part, you are making a commitment. You must try your best to see your volunteered part through. It's unfortunate for everyone when someone backs out completely on the assignment they were trusted with; it just becomes a huge headache. Now, this does not mean we are expecting every due date to be met on time with no exceptions. We understand; unplanned, time consuming events do occur. Ultimately, as long as you give your best possible efforts into the assigned piece, all is well.

     Secondly, please be aware of the stresses and complications of film production. It can be EXTREMELY stressful. This is coming from those who have made home films now for the past 5 years or so. In all actuality, people sometimes just don't see each others' vision, an idea may just not work out, this scene/background/character may need to be tweaked, etc. However, let us assure you, the best part about any movie or animation is finally seeing things slowly come together. Trust us, the more you give into a project, the more you receive.

     Finally, and most likely most controversial, we understand everyone has awesome ideas for the show. We will listen to every single one. However, this does not mean every single one will make it into the final product. Please, please, PLEASE do not take it the wrong way if an idea is struck down. It's not that we perceive the concept as the stupidest idea ever, it's just that it may not seem like it would work in the end. For instance, say we were to give Jenny, the main protagonist, a pet. A funny, cute concept at first glance, correct? Well, let's dive a bit deeper into it. Yes, it would be humorous for its first appearance. However, what do we do with it in the next episode? Is it still around? Is it going to serve as one of the main characters from now on? If so, what happens to it during mass battles and events? Does it just sit around at home during the chaos? Is it involved in the battle? Does it actually serve a purpose, or is it just a throwaway joke? All of a sudden, that quick, cute concept is looking pretty fiddly now, isn't it? In the end, we would just like to warn everyone that we are only doing 44 mini-sodes (22 episodes total) to last for 2 seasons. Some ideas sadly just won't make the cut.

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Music composed by Nathan Altenbern. Original themes by James L. Venable and Paul Dinletir.

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