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3D Animating

     While this job is just as closely watched as its 2D counterpart, it will (admittedly) rarely be put into play. But, as it will still be used, the job is still up for grabs. Now, as our characters will be 2D only, this process will mainly be used for any background or vehicle that calls for it. However, the animation is to be strictly cel-shaded to match the 2D style that will appear more often. Absolutely NO realistic textures or shading. The 3D process is to be similar to the 3D styles of the Clone Wars (2003) television series:


1. The ability to design and animate vehicles and backgrounds based on concept art and the "Art Deco" art style.

2. A 3D computer program. We recommend Blender (don't worry, it's free):

3. Knowledge of how to animate cameras, vehicles, and backgrounds realistically (movement-wise)


1. Included within the 3D info page, there is an image of a ship. Create a 3D model of it using a 3D program like Blender.

2. Create a 3D turn-around of the object (preferably using a CG camera and not the object itself)

3. Export as a .mov file (small aspect ratio in order to keep the file small enough for email)

4. Send audition file via email after this form's completion:


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