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Character/Background Designing

     The most artistic occupation, for sure. This assignment entails original, creative designing and coloring. However, each and every look MUST pertain the "Art Deco" art style. No overly complicated or overly simple looks. Designs should be a happy balance between the two, and somewhat mathematical in structure (streamline, consistent, and somewhat angular). For a final bit of info, the original show's designs were greatly inspired by 1930-1950 style furniture, buildings, machinery, etc. We will also be studying these aspects for inspiration.


1. Intense study of the "Art Deco" style. You must have a clear understanding where the boundaries in complexities lie and how the series handles the look. We recommend you start your research here:

2. Knowledge of how to duplicate and build upon said style, forming new and creative looks for sets and characters.

3. A computer photo-editing program powerful enough to convey fake textures and effects, like Photoshop or GIMP (GIMP is free, by the way, but slightly less powerful). However, if you wish to go "old fashion style" and literally paint your own backgrounds and scan them in, that's greatly appreciated as well. --(Background Designer only)


1. Draw 3 characters and/or background designs in the Art Deco style, presenting that you can at least learn to draw the style (it doesn't have to be perfect. It's just a way of proving that, with practice, you can recreate the style).

     NOTE: Auditions do NOT have to be in color, but if you want to give it a go, feel free to. ;)

2. Scan the images into the computer or take an HD photo of them (you have to be able to see the images, basically).

3. Send audition file via email after the application form's completion:


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