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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why put all this effort into a show cancelled years ago?

    Well, after witnessing program upon program fall without any conclusion, one day we just got sick of it all. The decision was made to save at least one.

2. OK, but why My Life as a Teenage Robot?

     It was the one that seemed to suffer the most during its time on the network. Oh, and it's funny, action-packed, dramatic, and very nice to look at in an artistic standpoint. That helps too.

3. WHAT?! You chose My Life as a Teenage Robot over ________?!!

     Yes, yes we did.

4. How long will the positions on the Production Crew be open?

    The management positions will be open for a LOOOOONG time. No need to rush into the decision to join. 

5. Is it possible to own multiple positions on the Production Crew?

    Most definitely! Just be sure to fill out the correct forms and send in the auditions! ;)

6. Why all the paperwork?

    The paperwork and auditions tell us what you can provide for the show and what your boundaries are. It also helps keep everything organized and neat. 

7. Will I get payed if I join the Production Crew?

    Well, that's the million dollar question, ain't it? Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a set amount of payment at the moment. This is a non-profit production, after all. If we make so much as a dime off of this show, we get sued by Viacom. It's not pretty to think about, but it's the truth. 

     However, making money wasn't the main priority in the show's reboot anyway. The mission is to give this series the proper end it deserves and was always meant to have. 

8. How much is fan-service going to affect the new seasons?

    Depends on what you mean by fan-service....

     We are fans as well, so of course some events are inspired by what we've always wanted to see happen. Some are even inspired by fan art and fan-fiction already posted on the internet. However, this of course has thick boundaries. We would need the original owner's permission to use the material if it were too alike to the original creation. Also, if it seems too out of place, too out of context, too third-party, or just odd in general, it probably doesn't have a shot at making it into an episode.

     Sorry, Jenny isn't going to meet Optimus Prime any time soon.

9. No, no, no, no, no. I mean FAN-SERVICE.

     Rule 34 and all associated laws are forbidden. Any persons brave enough to suggest the idea will be banned immediately and permanently. 

     Sorry for being so strict and all, but we are REALLY serious about this.

10. So where does everyone meet to discuss the new seasons?

      Right over at the Discussion Forums of course. There, all fans of MLaaTR meet to discuss the new seasons as well as the old. ;)

11. How old do I have to be to join?

       We accept all ages; no need to worry. If you are mature enough to take specific direction from others and commence calmly with your peers, you're good to go.

12. I'm still in school; can I still join?

      While you should always put school first (see #7), we accept those still in school as well. In fact, most of us are still in school.

13. What's the deal with copyright?

      Copyright and trademark of My Life as a Teenage Robot retain with Viacom International, as the disclaimer below pertains. We are a fan-made series and are completely unofficial. 

14. Will Danny Phantom make a guest appearance?

      As much as we love Danny Phantom, we do not plan on having any crossovers in the new series. We want to keep within the realm of MLaaTR only.

15. Brad x Jenny, Sheldon x Jenny, or ______ x Jenny?


No but seriously; wait and see. It's a lose lose situation for us either way, really. The fandom is split down the middle with these options.

16. Will _____ be returning from the old seasons?

      If it is a character with an unresovled plot (i.e., Misty, Melody, Vega, etc.), they will indeed be returning. If it is a character that has a resolved plot (i.e., Armaggeddroid, Himcules, The Water Sponge Monster, etc.), it is likely they will not be returning. 

17. Who is our lord and Savior?

       Jesus Vexus of course. Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior?

18. What is the current progress of the Reboot?

      As of May 2018, we are in the process of recording dialogue and casting the last few voices to then record (namely Tuck and Vexus). After that, we move onto official animation.

19. How many people are working in the reboot?

      We have more than 50 at the present time. Always looking for more!

20. Does Rob Renzetti know about this reboot? If so, are you working on him?

      Yes, he does know of us. However, he does not contact us and we do not contact him. His knowledge of the fan-made reboot goes as far as the general public's knowledge.

That being said, we of course are not against the idea of any original crew members messaging us; we just respect that MLaaTR is a chapter of their life that is now closed.

21. What's the release date?

       As of May 2018, we have no official release date yet. But, we are working towards it for sure. 

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