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Script/Storyboard Writing

     One of the most important assignments on the list, the writer's job is to (obviously) write the story to an episode. Now, this is not as simple as it sounds. Stories MUST be original. No duplicates of already produced movies/tv shows. No one likes a copy-cat. Inspiration can easily be taken from produced works, but not entire plots or sequences. In addition, dialogue and events must be somewhat realistic. Sure, there is to be some humor in the episodes, but don't go too over the top. Finally, it is the writer's job to make sure the episode is coherent with previous and future ones. For example, if a character dies, he/she is to remain dead unless a plausible case of survival can be brought forth. Storyboard Artists have an additional job: drawing/ animating quick sketches of the episode to give the crew an idea of the pacing, camera movements, animation, and background sets.


1. Creative, thought provoking mind bent on story writing.

2. Pre-viewing of every episode from Season 1-3 (this is to ensure continually and help prevent any repeat episodes). The entire original series can be purchased on Amazon or iTunes:

3. Patience. This process will most likely be one of the harder ones to complete and one of the most tedious.

 4. Pre-viewing of this video (it helps explain the difference between ripping-off and taking inspiration from something):

5. The ability to sketch characters and backgrounds. The drawings should be quick, yet establish the main idea or purpose of the shot. --(Storyboard Artist Only)

6. A somewhat clear understanding of the original series' camera/character positions (to avoid any awkward sequences and animation) --(Storyboard Artist Only)


1. Write out a quick conversation, action scene, episode idea, etc. 

2. Print out some copies of the storyboard template and fill them out accordingly. --(Storyboard Artist Only)

3. Scan the storyboards into the computer or take an HD photo of them (you have to be able to see the images and writing, basically). --(Storyboard Artist Only)

4. Send audition file via email after the application form's completion:


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